Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy discusses the information we obtain through your use of the Leadership Embodiment Application (the 'Application') and our use of that information.

The Application does not capture any personally-identifiable information about you, your device, your location, or other such information. Where access is granted to your photos (for instance to set a custom background image), no images or information about such images is transmitted by the Application.

The Application does, however, capture some non-identifying information about usage, that we use to monitor the performance of the application, and to improve the appplication.

We do not share this information with any other parties. It is stored on our servers and used for reporting in the aggregate. In instances where an error occurs, we may use non-aggregated data to determine and debug the error. Since we have no personally-identifiable information, this remains anonymous user data.

By using the application, you consent to our usage of your data as described herein.

Last modified: 8 March 2017